Elefante – 05



What are the best ways to live in society? What spaces or methods foster participation? What role do organizations and companies play in shaping public space?

Advertising in cities: Learning from Netflix, Intel and Google

What is the future of outdoor advertising in cities? We looked at Netflix, Intel and Google to re-imagine ways in which outdoor signs will change in urban environments.


Space interventions that influence people

Three examples from Pachuca, Asturias and Tijuana show us how cultural and artistic interventions in public spaces change people’s quality of life.


Eco Pavilion 2016

Architecture office APRDELESP presented their controversial project that invites El Eco museum visitors to use the space in ordinary ways, for any type of event.


Improving our public space, starting locally.

Despite governments efforts to create policies and public space improvements, it is up to members of society to provide a meaning to common spaces. Here are five steps we can all take to improve our neighborhoods.