Elefante – 01


Welcome to Elephant. The selected stories in this first edition shed a light of optimism. Despite ever widening gaps of power between the wealthy and the poor, at a global  level poverty rates are dropping and the newly launched Global Goals aim to eradicate extreme poverty in fifteen years. Governments and international organizations are embracing social metrics and inclusion. European governments have been implementing social impact bonds, reinvigorating social programs while reducing cost. The Boston Consulting Group is embracing SEDA metrics for measuring well-being, not just economic output. As creatives we believe we play an important role in visualizing and articulating new ideas. In this edition we present House of One, a religious building where Jews, Christians and Muslims will coexist. Also, we applaud the UN-Habitat for carrying out workshops where kids can visualize changes they’d like to see in their neighborhoods using Minecraft as tool for visualization and co-creation.

As designers we believe it is important to consider the impact our work has on the world at large. We hope you join us in future editions and share your thoughts with us.

SEDA – Sustainable Economic Development Assessment

SEDA measures countries’ progress and development based on the well-being of their people, not only their economic growth.


Global Goals

World Leaders have committed to 17 Global Goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty.


Social impact bonds: transformation Incentives for cities

In a world scenario where budget cuts abound and resources assigned for social well-being are rare, social impact bonds are an option.


Progress in poverty reduction

Extreme poverty around the world was halved between 1990 and 2010. By 2030, the new global goal is to end extreme poverty. What will it take to achieve this goal?


House of One

A building in Berlin is inviting Christians, Jews and Muslims to share a common space.

house of one

Minecraft, UN-Habitat and public space

Everyday we learn about new technologies favoring social and community development. Using unsuspected tools, new generations are improving their neighborhoods and increasing civic engagement.