Elefante – 03


February is a month that typically markets love. This months’ articles talk about different forms of love. Loving oneself, despite others’ opinion, as Lizzie Velazquez reminds us. Loving stray animals.  Serving others. Creating organizations and businesses based on sharing.

Overcoming the negative and sharing love

Lizzie Velazquez (US) and Nasir Sobhani (Australia) share great lessons on overcoming difficulties, and doing something they love that is beneficial to others.


Five organizations that promote sharing

Five of our favorite organizations based on sharing and peer-to-peer production.


Social empowerment shaped like a pixza

How one Mexico City restaurant is feeding a neighborhood and putting the area’s homeless youth back into living meaningful lives.


For the animals that love us humans the most

We take a glimpse at the current condition of stray dogs living in Mexico City and what can be done about it.