Elefante – 04



This month Elefante is about climate change and the environment: What incentives can increase the adoption of sustainability in schools, communities and cities? And what role do designers play in this process?

US Clean Power Plan halted by Supreme Court

Obama’s proposal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has been stopped by the Supreme Court. How will it affect the US commitments declared at the COP21?


Five designs that pamper the planet

Design projects being implemented to clean the air, remove trash from oceans and incentivize people to dispose of trash through free wi-fi.


Growing through sustainable design

Three projects that promote sustainable development by capturing rainwater for buildings, building sustainable schools from the ground up, and developing hubs for various forms of transportation.


No more wasted food!

In Mexico, and all over the world, the problem of food waste is very serious. What impact does this phenomenon have? and what are food banks doing about it? How can we all contribute to reduce this form of waste?


Book: Spanish edition of Do Good [Design], by David Berman

A review of David Berman’s book about design, ethics and the power designers have to leave a positive legacy on the planet.