House of One

house of one

In light of today’s world events, it is important to promote projects that demonstrate it is indeed possible for people to coexist with one another, despite the differences that might surface among different ideologies. House of One demonstrates this concept. Under the same roof, a synagogue, and a mosque share the same building.

Designed by Kuehn Malvezzi out of Germany, this building might have found its location in Berlin, where its construction is being evaluated. This house for three religions also shares a common area that can be used by the different religious groups.

A model of this project is currently on view at the Chicago Architecture Biennial.


More than an architecture exercise, this project pushes us to think beyond conventional ideologies and shows the possibility of coexistence among different faiths. It invites us to question whether current international relations are in fact problematic because of different ideological points of view found in different religions, or whether international affairs are driven by political perspectives, unrelated to religious points of views.    

Perhaps it is possible to live in spaces like House of One and finally acknowledge we all share an inherent equality from the simple fact of being human and live on the same planet.

References and images: Dezeen

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